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WhiteList Contest – Reopens: Aug.01 -Aug.06 ends 19 GMT; Winners Announce 20:OO GMT
DXsale PresSale Address Link- Starting: Aug.06.21 21:00 GMT
Meta Mask Website

After our schedule DX Presale was launch we were hit by a cyber attack from an unknown origin.
Our communication with telegram was cut off after our DX Presale begun and have no way to  reach People except via email.
If you have contributed any BNB tokens you will be fully reimbursed via DXsale when the
Presale closes Aug 7 21:00 GMT.
We have a amazing mission & story to tell  and hopefully we can weather this storm and
relaunch shortly. If you wish to be on the shortlist please reply to email with name and email address.
thank you for your support. Moon Flight Delayed
Shiba X Crew