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SHIBA X is coined and ready to be the “Mother of All Deflationary Meme Tokens!

Inspired by a movie named ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or Elon took a shine to ‘DogeCoin’ the rest is History.  SHIBA X (Ticker: $SAFESX)  is born and is stage for accelerated lift off to the moon and beyond.  Every $SAFESX transactions will be rewarded for hodling $SAFESX tokens and a small sentimental percentage will be burned or beamed back to help save Mother Earth. So sleep better & have protected $SAFESX, the SHIBA X Elite Team is here to keep us all safe. Together we can build a Greener & Kinder World.


Transaction Fee - 3% to Holders, 2% Charity, 1% Burn/2% LP/2% Maintenance


Fair Launch. Burned Instantly


Total Supply

The Unbelievable Fantastic Voyage Dream
To The Moon!

(1000x Coin Road Map)

 The 1st Sighting or Look’in Hot & $SAFESXy Phase

☑ Conceptualize
Website Developed
Contract Creation
Token Fair Launch (Burn)

  • Initial Liquidity provided
  • Team/Community Formation
  • Coinhunt & CoinSniper listing
  • CMC/CG Application
  • Compliance
  • Tuning In To The Social Media Loop
  • 1,500 Wallet Holders
  • $10M Valuation-  Our 1st Cherished

 Skip The 2nd Phase – Close Encounter Of The 3rd $SAFESX

  • Big Marketing Hustle
  • $SAFESX Moon Raking Swap
  • $SAFESX Ecomm Store
  • $SAFESX Space Shuttle
  • Beam Influencers On Board
  • Meteoric Member Drive
  • CEX Listings Invasion
  • Reward for $SAFESX Strategies
  • 5K Telegram Members
  • 10,000 Wallet Holders
  • $88M Valuation

‘Float Like A Butterfly’ & Hit Like A Hot Mama-Freight Train Phase 

  • Business Marriage Proposals
  • Rock Stars at AMA
  • Influencers Kicking The Doors Down
  • Major CEX Annexation Or Close
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Analysis Projects $SAFESX To Fly Off The Charts
  • Best Prizes For Ecology Research
  • Donations to Mother Earth Aids
  • 20,000 Wallet Holders
  • $250M Valuation
  •  E.T. Phone Home We Got Your Ride

PLANT The Flag On The Moon Phase or “WTF I Didn’t Buy @ 1st Sight?

  • $SAFESX Space Station Wallet/BNB Staking
  • $SAFESX Moon Party & Charity Events
  • $SAFESX-Files Research Grants & Programs
  • More $SAFESX Groupies
  • 1st $B Valuation or Just WOW!
  • Too Many Wallet Holders to Count
  • Mother Queen Sings “We R The Champions!” & “Sir Knight Hood”
  • Mother Earth Bless Mankind
  • The Truth Is Out There Moment

How To Have $SAFESX

Why: Makes The Planet & Your Wallet GREENER & SAFE. No Rugging.
To be KINDER does requires some extra Steps because MaMa Earth is Worth Saving!

1. To Get Started you will need to set up Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & buy some BNB Tokens for your virtual wallet.

(Pick a  Virtual Wallet below if you don’t have one & download to your device)

A. Connect with Trust Wallet

B. Connect with
Binance Chain Wallet

C. Connect with

*Tip 1 – BSC & BNB is like a Master Card merchant accepting only MC payments but not Visa.

2. Go to PanCakeSwap

Click “HAVE $SAFESX” button or link here to be taken to PanCakeSwap V2.

Check the “I understand” box and click “Continue” on the pop-up message.

*Tip 2 – PancakeSwap is like a Foreign Exchange dealer where you trade for other listed country currency. In this case you are using $BNB to have $SAFESX  tokens.

3. Connect Your Wallet on PCS (PanCakeSwap website)

Click the “Connect” button at the top-right.

Select your desired Wallet app and ensure that it is connected to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

*Tip 3 – Some Wallets may not come BSC configured. So skip to Step 7.A to reconfigure your wallets to the BSC network before swapping tokens on step 4.

4. Enter buy amounts

Enter amount to buy.

Add a “.0” to the end of the $SAFESX amount.

(Skip to step  7.A  if you just installed MetaMask  & your first time buying from a BSC network then return to step 4.)

*Note – A step by step ‘How To Have $SAFESX” detail guide is coming soon.

5. Select 11-12% Slippage

Click the “Settings” button.

Enter a “slippage” % of at least 11%.

Save and click “Swap”.

Select “Confirm Swap”.

6. Confirm swap and wallet = Your Done!

Select “Confirm” when presented with the wallet pop-up, ensuring you use at least 5+ gas.

Enjoy Holding & Having $SAFES.  Glow all the way to the MOON and thank you for doing your part to help Mother Earth get better.


( MetaMask Wallets Users)

7.A In MetaMask Wallet. 

i. Go to Setting > networks > add network

ii. Enter the following data:

– Network Name:
Binance Smart Chain RPC
– URL:
– Chain ID: 56
– Symbol : BNB
– Block Explorer URL:

iii. Cick Save


( MetaMask Wallets Users)

7.B  Choose Main Network & send $BNB To Trade For $SAFESX

i. Select Binance Smart Chain  network as the Main Network in Metamask dropdown menu.

ii. Send $BNB tokens to your wallet from Binance global or Binance.us. Make sure you click (BSC, BEP20) version before sending.

iii. Your wallet is ready to swap $BNB for $SAFESX  at PancakeSwap V2

Go Back to Step 2


Special Papers & Swap Apps To Be Announce


Undentifiable Flying Objects - ShibaX Ships/Saucers?


Will Be Save In 5 Years of HODLING $SAFESX


Click here and join our telegram. You are now a part of the $SAFESX family.


Because we tax the people who sell their $SAFESX in order to reward HODLERS. You earn $SAFESX as long as you don’t sell your $SAFESX.


This means that no one can retrieve the initial liquidity provided to PancakeSwap to enable trading and no one can make any alterations to the smart contract. This makes $SAFESX unruggable.


Market prices for Crypto Assets can change unpredictably in a very short time. Due to the content of Crypto Assets, you can earn profit as a result of your transactions, while you also bear risk of loss. regarding Crypto Assets, there are risks of cyber-attack, theft, various security breaches, restriction of access to the market, electronic or technological failures, termination of the network program, and loss of value of crypto assets. Therefore, before you decide to trade, you should understand the risks you may face in the cryptocurrency market and make your decision by considering your financial situation and limitations.

Pro Tip How To Buy

Crypto investing can be quite lucrative these days if you know what you are doing. e.g. separating facts from fiction. So know your financial limits or limitation and invest only in the amount what you can afford to lose. Always remember to be safe than sorry, so practice $SAFESX, this is a Motherly advice.

This Site is Dedicated to All My Fur Kids.